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Increase your company’s bottom line with a guest experience platform optimized to increase revenue and customer retention.
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Create a customizable experience for every visitor and instantly boost your sales.

”The amount of new people who had not come by jumped 50-60%, and my sales literally doubled, because of the aggressive marketing peep connect has done here at the college.”

Dave, Owner - KOOL KATS
Revenue increase
New customers
Months of using Peep
Send text messages to
bring your customers back through the door.
Hybrid-Partnerships to give your rewards program a
Data provided from
customers dining
at the table, in line, and before they arrive

A new kind of loyalty

Turn your rewards into experiences.
When a customer makes a payment they can now earn exclusive Digital (discounts and promos) and In-Real-Life (personal table, free food, merch) experiences at your business, which can be redeemed at a later date or resold in the Peep marketplace
(commission goes back to the business)

Did you know?

Customers spend up to 30% more using the Peep App?
Only 10% of restaurants have an after-sale marketing campaign that they use to bring customers back. The result?
  • Businesses miss out on opportunities to create repeat customers
  • Customers miss out on rewards
  • Customers have zero brand loyalty
Increasing average returning customers by just 5% can lead to an increase of up to 95% in revenue.
In-person ordering is still a hassle for businesses and it affects customers in every way. The result?
  • Increase in wait time, from time to order to time the food arrives
  • Increase in queue wait time
  • 70% of customers prefer to have less interaction with servers
On average, dine-in restaurants and businesses are spending up to $15,000/ yearly to keep standard POS systems running.
Current reward programs are basic, bland, and aren't what most customers want. Humans want unique and personal experiences.
  • 74% of customers don't opt-into reward programs because it's too difficult to earn rewards.
  • Over 91% of customers either didn't know if a restaurant had a loyalty program or how to opt-in to one, if they did.
This is where we win!

Why choose Peep

Tiered-customer experiences
Build tiered upgradable experiences that connect to your customer's emotions and keep them coming back in!
Useful purchasing data
Optimize operations, sales forecasting, and lifetime value with our product data and segmentation
Additional revenue streams
When your customers sell their experiences on our marketplace to other consumers or buy in at the highest level!

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Integrate your POS. Seamlessly.

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Our white labeled solution is exactly what you need.
Choose a platform that grows your business and rewards your customers.
White Labeling
Unlimited Guest Profiles
5 Minute Onboarding Time
Continuous Support
0% Payment Processing Fees
0% Commissions
First $50 signage covered
5% Customer Ordering Fees

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer POS integration?

Yes, as at present we offer integrations with Square, NCR Aloha, Toast, Clover.

What businesses do you work with?

We work with any food-service business including Restaurants, Cafe’s, and Cocktail bars. Whether you are a dine-in, limited-service, or fine dining, our system will work seamlessly with yours.

What does it cost to get started?

Pricing may vary on the size of your business and amount of locations. To learn more contact for pricing inquiries or fill out this form.

Are you located in any specific city?

We're location agnostic.

How does your loyalty work?

We have a spend-to-earn-stars approach for our rewards, so as customers spend more and upgrade their experience at the business they will receive a different incentive plus what they've earned prior.
(Ex. at level 1 customers get 5% off at; level 2 they get a free cookie + 5% off)

Do businesses get to assign what the rewards are?

Every business assigns the value for each upgradable token their customers can earn.
(Ex. personalized table, hidden menu, 50% off, bottle-service, and exclusive merch)

Do I need to learn how to use web3?

NO. Our POS integration abstracts the process of businesses having to interact with web3 components of our technology. So they can create as many experiences for their customers as they want and continue to operate as usual.