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Peep helps you unleash the power of your data to skyrocket loyalty, retention, and sales like never before

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Customer Opt-In
Customer Repeatability
Corporate Partners
Capture customer insights and predict buying patterns automatically from walk-ins
Unlock corporate partnerships of all sizes to reward your customers
Give your customers one wallet to purchase across all of your sales channels

Gift your customers rewards from corporate brands like Uber, Target, etc. when they go above and beyond

Why choose Peep

Quick set-up
To use Peep all you have to do is sign in to your POS system after you create a profile. Takes only 5 minutes to get started and see how Peep can help you and your business take off!
User-friendly dashboard
Data is hard to use and understand for anybody, so we created our dashboard to be easy to understand, manage, and optimize to your own personal needs.
Corporate partners
Rewards cost money, why not let someone else handle that burden. We provide every business with a full-range of corporate rewards to give to their customers for spending.

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Integrate your POS. Seamlessly.

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Our white labeled solution is exactly what you need.
Choose a platform that grows your business and rewards your customers.
White Labeling
Unlimited Guest Profiles
20 Minute Onboarding Time
24/7 Customer Suport
3% Payment Processing Fees
0% Commissions
0% Customer Ordering Fees
First $100 in signage covered

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the e-wallet work?

The Peep e-wallet serves as a personal banking card for a consumer to use across the Peep network. With the e-wallet, consumers can monetize their data, facilitate crypto payments, and earn corporate rewards from one place. This is all for the business to gain more insights and data on every customer who comes into their shop.

What businesses do you work with?

We work with any food-service business including Restaurants, Cafe’s, and Cocktail bars. Whether you are a dine-in, limited-service, or fine dining, our system will work seamlessly with yours.

What does it cost to get started?

Pricing may vary on the size of your business and amount of locations. To learn more contact for pricing inquiries or fill out this form.

Are you located in any specific city?

We're location agnostic.

How does the data network benefit my business?

The value of a network is proportional to the number of connected users squared. So we've managed to synchronize the process for businesses to access data amongst all POS users in they geographic area.

How do your corporate rewards work?

Every business creates custom prompts for their customers every time they enter, once their customers answer the prompt they are rewarded with Peep Corporate Partner rewards.

Do I need to learn how to use web3?

NO. Our POS integration (currently Square, Clover, and NCR Aloha) abstracts the process of businesses having to interact with web3 components of our technology. So they can create as many experiences for their customers as they want and continue to operate as usual.